For over twenty-five years Lisa Precious has focused on marketing and media through the span encompassing her entertainment and political careers. During the pioneering period of Branded Entertainment, she found her background in entertainment marketing, media and EPK TV productions were a perfect combination to start creating business models between producers, corporations, agencies for product placement. As a branded entertainment specialist she has worked with or represented over 100 worldwide brands during the course of her Hollywood career. Her own agency P3P, has represented JackDaniel’s with 50+ Brown Forman liquor and wine brands, SAAB cars, Polar Fitness Watches, Fiesta Ware, Tervis Tumblers, Ivanka Trump Diamond Collection, Star Trac fitness, and many more. In addition to running her agency, Lisa was the first official media spokesperson for the product placement industry for ERMA in 2006. ERMA is the entertainment resources association for the industry with members from all movie studios and A-List product placement agencies. Before starting P3P,, she had a wealth of experience as the U.S. Director of the largest international product placement agency in the entertainment industry: Propaganda Global Entertainment Marketing agency with over thirty global clients such as Nokia, Audi, Panasonic, Swarovski and Lacoste.

Every January, Lisa and her P3P event team can be found at the Sundance Film Festival where her four day annual event called The Music Lodge has been known for media and music on Main St since 2004. The Associated Press and MTV have both been media partners while brands like Gibson, Fender, Roland and Monster Energy Drinks have been ongoing sponsors for numerous years. The Music Lodge also did a Comic Con event version called the Captain America Military Salute starring Chris Evans with Stan Lee and Doobie Bros’ John McFee performance.

Lisa started her career being trained in political marketing and media campaigns at President Reagan’s first 1980 Republican Convention. After having served on the RNC Executive Production team for the convention, she was brought out to California and trained in campaign work. Afterwards, Lisa stayed in California as a political producer for radio and TV news shows but found herself rapidly transitioned into the West Coast entertainment industry. At the age of 24, Lisa became VP of Marketing and Media for a specialized marketing group of 20th Century Fox Studios. Besides her work at the lot, the studio had her traveling the world shooting EPKs, producing press junkets from New York to Yugoslavia and even living in Aspen to produce the Aspen Celebrity Ski Race and handle Aspen’s celebrity marketing for the season. Later, her own firm for corporate EPKs regularly produced and distributed TV news and celebrity lifestyle stories to over 100 stations for clients such as: Moet & Chandon, Princess Cruises, ICMA, the RNC, and Rogers & Cowan PR firm. Though she’s produced many productions, her favorites include producing History Channel‘s “Steinbeck’s Cannery Row” with Elaine Steinbeck and First Lady Betty Ford’s premiere video for the opening of the Betty Ford Clinic. Another unique experience was to launch an entire TV network as she was one of three specialists on the marketing team to put Paramount's UPN Television network onto the air.

When Lisa took a career sabbatical to be a stay-at-home mother, she wrote a family guidebook series called Premiere Parent which has had five editions published. She also focused on helping charities with children and produced ski events for RADD Kids celebrity stars promoting safety.  RADD also drafted her to produce their 1999/2000-millennium holiday media campaign. RADD is Recording Artists, Actors and Athletes Against Drunk Driving.  She also created and produced Celebrity Sail - a celebrity sailboat race benefiting the Planetary Coral Reef Foundation. The purpose was to raise funds to keep their ship sailing around the world another year to map and monitor coral reefs. James Cameron of “Titanic” and “Terminator” fame was the event’s honorary chairman. 


Over 25 years in Hollywood

Entertainment Brand Marketing

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Noah Wylie on EPK location shoot, Celebrity Sail event with James Cameron, Sean Connery at Golden Globes,  Julie Andrews honored at Costume Designers Awards, Mrs. John Steinbeck during shoot for History Channel's Cannery Row documentary, London location EPK for Princess Diana boat christening and Richard Schiff of West Wing.